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Happy 8th Anniversary, E-Data!

The platform of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, https://edata.gov.ua, which currently integrates three key open data portals: Spending.gov.ua, Proifi.gov.ua, Openbudget.gov.ua, and other modules for public finance analysis and tracking, began operating on September 15, 2015, in accordance with the Law on the Transparency of Public Funds Usage. Over the course of 8 years, the websites have served 18.3 million user sessions.

Most notably, https://spending.gov.ua has been an essential tool for daily work with reporting by budget administrators and recipients. In 8 years of its existence, the site has generated and signed 84 million documents (contracts, acts, reports) and processed 248 million transactions. However, Spending is also an indispensable resource for journalists, investigators, and citizens fighting corruption at all levels of government. Every month, based on transaction data from public fund administrators, dozens of media materials are prepared and published, including reports, investigations, and analytical articles.

https://openbudget.gov.ua: currently, the portal features more than 36,000 budget administrators and recipients of funds at all levels, with over 14,000 local budget program passports published and 2,600 reports on their implementation disclosed.

https://proifi.gov.ua: as of today, there are 181 projects in the registry with a total value of nearly 18 billion USD, and all projects are financed with international financial organizations' contributions.

What's New in the Last Year:

✓ The E-Data platform's Telegram chatbot @edata_platform_bot was launched, designed to notify users about updates on E-Data portals.

✓ The share of Ukrainian-speaking users on the platform increased by 15% (users whose browser language is Ukrainian).

✓ In 2022, Ukraine improved its score by 3% and now has a 97% maturity level in open data in Europe according to the European Commission's data portal https://data.europa.eu/en.

Upcoming Plans:

⌖ A separate section for legal and financial obligations of budget administrators and recipients related to transactions already published on the portal will be created on Spending.gov.ua, with links to tenders on https://prozorro.gov.ua/. In simple terms, tracking the entire chain of public fund usage will be available: tender announcement → contract signing → fulfillment of contractual obligations.

⌖ The search period for transactions on Spending.gov.ua will increase from 90 to 365 days.

On this anniversary, we also extend our congratulations to the "parents" – the teams that worked on the creation and launch of the platform and continue to work on its administration and improvement, including experts from the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the State Institution "Open Public Finance," and all those involved in the project over the years!

So, we continue to work with faith in Ukraine and Victory!