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We present another messenger of the E-Data platform - the Telegram bot "Ministry of Finance Public Funds"

Today we present another messenger of the E-Data platform - the Telegram bot "Ministry of Finance Public Funds."
The chatbot @Ministryonlinebot promptly provides access to information about public funds that affect the economic activities of society, namely:

  • quick and convenient access to important information in a few clicks;
  • precise search by specific parameters;
  • tracking the dynamics of state and local budgets (from general information to specific indicators), by income code and expenditure code (three classifications);
  • a unique opportunity to subscribe to changes and updates (transactions/acts/penalties/contracts/USR status) for a specific administrator;
  • statistical information and specific search responses about projects from international donors: by names, stages, implementation sectors, MFO;
  • information about a taxpayer based on individual parameters (name, tax individual number, tax declaration number);
  • contacts and communication methods with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The new bot, in response to the user entering specific data (such as Company code), can provide information about the administrator/recipient of budgetary funds; a list of the TOP-10 recipients and TOP-10 payers of budgetary funds for the user-selected code for program classification of expenditures and crediting of local budgets for a specified period; general information on the revenues and expenditures of state or local budgets, as well as detailed information on specific codes. The user can also subscribe to an income or expenditure code and then view this information in the "My Subscriptions" section (subscriptions can be deleted if needed). The bot provides information about the taxpayer using their individual tax number, name/full name, or tax declaration number. In essence, it is like another view of the website (mini-version), where you can see not only general (statistical) information on the indicator but also immediately get detailed information on a specific code.
We hope that the new Telegram bot will become another assistant for everyone who tracks and analyzes public finances! The link to the bot and its description is posted on the portal https://edata.gov.ua/index.html. The bot can also be easily found on Telegram under the name @Ministryonlinebot.
And, as always, we ask everyone to comment and make suggestions because without your feedback, we cannot move forward and improve our services!